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Welcome to Carrie Gosch Early Learning Center

Program Philosophy:
The SCEC Early Childhood Program will provide a safe and inviting learning environment that promotes a well-balanced academic and social foundation for all learners.
At Carrie Gosch Pre –K:
  • Learning for ALL is the foremost goal for our school community.
  • Students learn best in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Innovative learning activities and a wide variety of teaching strategies enhance learning.
  • Diversity will be embraced, celebrated, and accepted in our school.
  • Self- Regulation helps students prepare for school and benefits students through adulthood.
  • Positive, reciprocal, home, school, and community relationships facilitate and reinforce learning.
  • We hold high expectations for achievement from our community of learners.
  • Data and research drive our classroom decisions to support learning for ALL.

How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

School News

Valentine's Family Ball 2024!

On Wednesday February 7th 2024 Carrie Gosch Pre- K celebrated their first Valentine's Family Ball. Students, parents, grandparents, and entire families were invited to attend this afterschool event. There was a live DJ, The principal's son Donovan and  over 133 attendees for the event. We had hands on help from our paraprofessionals and teachers to give away free books, school supplies, art supplies, pizza, sandwiches, chips, cookies, and of course plenty of dancing. 

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School Calendar

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